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Our Story

The main reason to start Presto was to facilitate students and offices. It takes a lot of time and effort to go to a market place for print outs, market is a crowded place and it takes forever to print. Keeping in mind all the problems and delays we go through on daily basis, we came up with a solution. We have developed a website which is user friendly and all you have to do is upload your file on our website by visiting our website and clicking on “Design” page and we will deliver your prints of your choice at your doorstep.

Presto Who We are
Presto Who We are

Who We Are

  • First printing company to introduce Online Paper Printing in Pakistan with multiple types of printing paper, quality and dimensions.
  • Team of young engineers who are keen to provide printing solution to all, especially students and offices.
  • Company who knows all best possible means to meet your printing deadlines efficiently and effectively.

What We Do

  • You order, we deliver.
  • We value your time, so we provide you hassle free printing services.
  • Your order is delivered to you within hours once you place the orders.
  • Provide you with the best quality, services and customer support.
  • Latest laser jet, inkjet & design jets are available for best results, producing high quality images/text with vibrant colors.
  • Provide you with a very user-friendly web interface which allows customer to upload order without any hassle.
  • A cost estimation team who analyzes every single order and give a cashback to the customer if his/her payments are greater than the cost.
  • Cost break-down feature which shows our dear customers how much each addition of the order is costing them.

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Our Team

Team Image2

Muhammad Haider Mustafa

Team Image1

Muhammad Sultan Khan

Director Operations
Javid I.T & Support

Muhammad Javed Iqbal

IT & Support

Imran Yousaf

Graphic Designer

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"The staff is very customer oriented & a pleasure to do business with. Our orders are delivered error-free in a timely, consistent manner."
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"Amazing experience. Will recommend it to anyone 10/10"
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"Very fairly-priced service with outstanding quality"

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